Business Training Services

As a result of our extensive experience, Prosafe works closely with clients to identify your training needs and advance your most valuable asset - your employees. From this point we are then able to negotiate and develop a suitable, practical and cost-effective training/assessment plan, which may include a selection of the following training delivery and assessment methods:

Flexible Training Solutions for Businesses

We are able to work with a range of training delivery and assessments methods to provide you and your employees with the best available solutions along with offering discounts for groups of 4 or more.


Face-to-face classroom delivery.


Recognition of prior learning.


Verification of Competency

Other methods

 A blend of any other assessments methods. 

In addition to offering the above flexible training delivery and assessment methods, Prosafe is also available to undertake training and assessment activities at the following locations or times:

  • On Site

  • At a nominated clients site

  • Prosafe's training facilities

  • At an agreed location/facility

  • At night

  • During weekends

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